Oils & Gouache: Pattern and Patience

My favorite mediums are oils and gouache. The vibrancy of the colors, the scent of the oils, the way they flow across the paper and board. My collection of goauche on bristol represents an obsession with the use of patterns and repetitions inspired by the works of William Morris as well as the miniature paintings of the Mughal empire.

The Gift

The Gift“The Gift” measures 10″ by 10″ and is the largest of all paintings produced during this period.

Gouache on bristol, 1999.
Private collection.

In God’s Eye

In God's EyeGod, whatever name you call it by, sees even the smallest of things.

Gouache on Bristol. 1999.
Private Collection.

Avis Hermetis

Avis HermetisThe Bird of Hermes, most important in alchemical operations, and like most alchemical operations, the painting took me years to finish.

Oil on board, 2006.
Artist’s collection.